Articles about new features in PostgreSQL 9.4

A list of articles and blog posts about new features in PostgreSQL 9.4.

Work-in-progress; articles displayed in reverse chronological order.

See also the PostgreSQL Wiki: What's new in PostgreSQL 9.4.

Faster statistics update after upgrade using "vacuumdb --analyze-in-stages"
(Raghavendra Rao, 2014-04-22)
Basics about logical decoding
(Michael Paquier, 2014-04-17)
Provide moving-aggregate support for a bunch of aggregates
(depesz, 2014-04-13)
Indexing JSON data with jsonb data type
(Michael Paquier, 2014-04-06)
Introduce jsonb, a structured format for storing json
(depesz, 2014-03-25)
Triggers on foreign tables
(Michael Paquier, 2014-03-23)
Getting contexts of lock waits
(Michael Paquier, 2014-03-20)
Physical slots for replication
(Michael Paquier, 2014-03-12)
auto_explain: Add logging of trigger execution
(depesz, 2014-03-11)
Constructors for interval, timestamp, timestamptz
(depesz, 2014-03-07)
Introduce logical decoding
(depesz, 2014-03-06)
Allow BASE_BACKUP to be throttled
(depesz, 2014-03-05)
(Michael Paquier, 2014-03-05)
pg_basebackup: Add support for relocating tablespaces
(depesz, 2014-03-04)
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: WITHIN GROUP and ordered-set aggregates
(Michael Paquier, 2014-02-27)
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: LSN datatype
(Michael Paquier, 2014-02-20)
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: WITH ORDINALITY
(Michael Paquier, 2014-02-12)
Examining Postgres 9.4 - A first look
(Craig Kerstiens, 2014-02-02)
Include planning time in EXPLAIN ANALYZE output
(depesz, 2014-02-01)
Add json_array_elements_text function
(depesz, 2014-01-31)
New JSON functions
(depesz, 2014-01-30)
Feature preview: huge pages with PosgreSQL
About the new configuration option huge_tlb_pages (Christian Kruse, 2014-01-29)
Add pg_stat_archiver statistics view.
(depesz, 2014-01-29)
Add recovery_target=’immediate’ option
(depesz, 2014-01-27)
Tablespace changes
(depesz, 2014-01-23)
ALTER SYSTEM SET for dynamic configuration
(Michael Paquier, 2014-01-20)
Lossy/exact pages for bitmap heap scan
(Michael Paquier, 2014-01-15)
Support ordered-set (WITHIN GROUP) aggregates
(depesz, 2014-01-11)
pg_prewarm, a contrib module for prewarming relation data
(depesz, 2014-01-10)
Add ALTER SYSTEM command to edit the server configuration file
(depesz, 2014-01-09)
wal_log_hints for consistent relation page tracking in WAL
(Michael Paquier, 2014-01-08)
Allow time delayed standbys and recovery
(depesz, 2013-12-20)
Improve EXPLAIN to print the grouping columns in Agg and Group nodes
(depesz, 2013-12-29)
Delayed standbys
(Michael Paquier, 2013-12-25)
PL/Perl: Add event trigger support
(depesz, 2013-12-18)
Extra string version in configure
(Michael Paquier, 2013-12-17)
Add new wal_level, logical, sufficient for logical decoding.
(depesz, 2013-12-17)
Be aware of behavior modification for SET and ABORT/ROLLBACK
(Michael Paquier, 2013-11-29)
TABLE for multiple functions and multi-argument unnest()
(Michael Paquier, 2013-11-25)
Support multi-argument UNNEST(), and TABLE() syntax for multiple functions
(depesz, 2013-11-24)
Dates with more than 5-digit years
(Michael Paquier, 2013-11-04)
Improvement of column management for auto-updatable views
(Michael Paquier, 2013-10-23)
psql: Make \pset without arguments show all settings
(depesz, 2013-10-14)