List of patches submitted by myself which have been incorporated into core PostgreSQL, or which I was otherwise involved in.

Entries denoted with an asterisk (*) are reviewed patches.

Entries denoted with an exclamation mark (!) are patches resulting from a bug report.

Date Version(s) Commit Title  
2020-11-21 14 ~ a47834db doc: Improve tableoid description  
2020-11-07 14 ~ a05dbf47 Add GUC_LIST_INPUT and GUC_LIST_QUOTE to unix_socket_directories  
2020-10-27 14 ~ 05255728 Fix enum errdetail to mention bytes, not chars  
2020-10-23 14 ~ 902b57c9 doc: Remove reference to pre-8.2 pg_dump behaviour  
2020-10-06 13 ~ 1b222249 Further improvements on documentation for pg_dump -t  
2020-09-30 14 7b28913b Fix and test snapshot behavior on standby.  
2020-09-09 13 ~ 60df530c Add missing quote in docs  
2020-05-24 13 58323964 Doc: Fix order of pg_shmem_allocations in system view list  
2019-08-27 9.4 ~ 13 6e421305 Reject empty names and recursion in config-file include directives.  
2019-08-27 10 ~ 13 458f01e2 Doc: improve documentation of pg_signal_backend default role.  
2019-08-14 9.4 ~ 13 f1bf619a Fix ALTER SYSTEM to cope with duplicate entries in postgresql.auto.conf.  
2019-07-26 9.6 ~ 13 0994cfc0 Don't uselessly escape a string that doesn't need escaping !
2019-07-19 11 ~ 13 1300fa66 Doc: clarify when table rewrites happen with column addition and DEFAULT  
2019-07-15 9.4 ~ 13 c6bce6eb doc:  mention pg_reload_conf() for reloading the config file  
2019-07-10 12 ~ 13 909a7b6b docs:  remove pg_roles mention of the oid column being displayed  
2019-06-20 12 252f9a25 Fix description of pg_class.relam for table access methods  
2019-06-10 9.6 ~ 12 852ddfbb Fix docs indentation in pgtrgm.sgml  
2019-06-10 9.6 ~ 12 97c9ea17 Add docs of missing GUC to pgtrgm.sgml  
2018-12-20 12 0a5a493f Improve description of DEFAULT_XLOG_SEG_SIZE in pg_config.h  
2018-11-19 12 74171f8c Rework documentation of pg_promote  
2017-03-23 11 6912acc0 Replication lag tracking for walsenders *
2016-12-02   e63d4149 Clarify that pg_stat_activity.query has a length limit.  
2016-08-18   8019b5a8 Improve psql's tab completion for \l.  
2016-04-04   4dcd4da9 Fix error message from wal_level value renaming  
2015-05-11   b488c580 Allow on-the-fly capture of DDL event details  
2015-10-27   c15898c1 Document BRIN's inclusion opclass framework  
2015-04-14   ac52bb04 Add pg_audit, an auditing extension (later withdrawn)  
2015-05-09   da31c5ed doc: adjust ordering of pg_stat_statement paragraphs  
2015-04-28   f19d8f14 pg_basebackup: canonicalize old and new tablespace paths  
2015-02-04   c036edb7 doc: Fix markup  
2014-12-31   c168c885 Don't tab-complete COMMENT ON ... IS with IS.  
2014-11-21   b10a97b8 Add a comment to regress.c explaining what it contains.  
2014-11-10   095d4012 Tab complete second argument to \c with role names.  
2014-09-13   4ad2a548 Add GUC to enable logging of replication commands. *
2014-06-23   631e7f6b Improve tab-completion of DROP and ALTER ENABLE/DISABLE on triggers and rules. *
2014-04-19   4353d180 docs: tablespaces cannot be accessed independently  
2014-04-14   7b979524 Tab completion for event triggers.  
2014-04-08   02f65617 doc: Fix typo.  
2014-03-04   3b5e03dc Provide a FORCE NULL option to COPY in CSV mode
2014-01-31   85317e88 doc: mention data page checksums in WAL section  
2014-01-04   99299756 Fix typo in comment.  
2013-11-19   b1543cc8 Add tab completion for \pset in psql. *
2013-11-05   d4e6133c Revert commit 0725065b !
2013-10-07   689746c0 plpgsql: Add new option print_strict_params. *
2013-09-19;   6e5f6e59 Fix typo in comment.  
2013-07-31   8eb29194 pg_dump/pg_dumpall: remove unnecessary SQL trailing semicolons  
2013-07-31   ee08a78a Fix inaccurate description of tablespace.  
2013-07-10   f02b14f7 doc: Replace link to pgFouine with pgBadger  
2013-05-13   eff8055a doc: Fix claim that query is passed as ASCII text  
2013-05-04   f87f214b docs: log_line_prefix session id fix  
2013-05-04   262a3629 docs: fix log_line_prefix session id doc;  
2013-05-04   c008ca60 9.3 release notes: adjustments  
2010-09-28   9c5f4f6c Add mention of installing pg_upgrade_support in pg_upgrade doc section title  
2010-06-14   38736e22 Fix misplaced modifier.  
2010-05-10   ed83f6e3 (fix for adding adding a "target IS NOT NULL" indexqual) !
2009-04-19   7f2f798b (doc fix for SELECT DISTINCT, UNION etc.)  
2007-10-20   7b98f6be Update German FAQ.  
2007-10-13   bf673f25 (FAQ update)  
2006-08-11   0d5877ab Update for company URL.  
2006-03-06   d40942a2 (fix description of "ascii(text)" function)  
2005-01-17   5be1e13d Update German FAQ.  
2004-12-24   860d507b Update FAQ with new URL's for site.  
2004-12-18   50b1651d Update German FAQ.  
2004-12-18   2f7faa54 (FAQ update)  
2004-10-27   a080ec0a Update German FAQ.  
2004-03-08   fb5eb6ac Update German FAQ.  
2004-01-09   acc57543 German FAQ update.  
2003-10-29   a35deb54 Give a useful error message if a RangeVar is encountered in an expression. !
2003-10-14   77c1791a (Use PQescapeString in tab-completion queries)  
2003-09-03   1129eab9 Update German FAQ.  
2003-07-23   d41d7246 Update FAQ.  
2003-06-12   752a4dac psql: tab completion for \encoding  
2003-06-06   e5f2155a Update FAQ  
2003-03-27   a6699f61 Attached are two patches for psql's tab-completion.c.  
2003-03-17   77312655 Update links  
2003-03-10   081fa240 Update German FAQ  
2003-02-18   cdbe5f62 Update German FAQ  
2003-02-18   9c1d2d66 (Update FAQ)  
2002-12-27   a8a82066 Deliver better error message when a relation name is used in an expression. !
2002-12-18   29ef2a4a (Update German FAQ)  
2002-10-22   68c8bce6 Updated German FAQ  
2002-10-12   189c3481 (Update FAQ)  
2002-10-14   0896707e FAQ updates  
2002-03-19   714f7859 psql \? cleanups  
2002-03-11   560a2c01 Correct optional args in psql \?