November 23, 2006

PostgreSQL | PostgreSQL in Thailand

I've just got back from a few weeks in Thailand doing some consulting work for an international organisation, some of which thankfully involves open source in general and PostgreSQL in particular.

I took the opportunity to poke around the IT sections of a few bookshops and get the impression that the IT book market at least is dominated by publications dealing with proprietary software, mainly Windows in general and as far as databases go Oracle and SQL Server. Books on open source were pretty much in the minority, mainly dealing with Linux and / or PHP. I did find one book each on PostgreSQL and MySQL though, which as far as I could tell were both written in Thailand (i.e. not translations). I can only speculate that the infamous availability of proprietary software at very low prices through, erm, inofficial channels means open source software is at a comparative disadvantage. The current government seems to have issues with open source too, for whatever reason.

 On the other hand, I had to source a dedicated server, and most providers offer Linux as the base package, with Windows servers available at a premium. In several cases the specs for the Linux servers detailed both MySQL and PostgreSQL as "features".

(Apologies to anyone who has sent mails to me in the last month or so and hasn't had a reply, I'm still up to my neck in things to do).

Posted at 5:54 PM