April 6, 2006

PostgreSQL | Oracle DBAs Quite Like PostgreSQL

As a followup to this interview with Robert Treat and Jason Gilmore (authors of the recently published book Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8), TechTarget has posted some comments from Oracle DBAs reacting to comparisions made in that interview between PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Most comments are quite favourable towards PostgreSQL, though evidently there's still a knowledge gap that needs to be bridged:

Allen was unimpressed by the fact that in PostgreSQL, stored procedure parameters are not typed. "Everything is passed as strings, even integer arrays," he said.

And one comment in the interview's feedback section is from someone who obviously doesn't know what he / she is talking about.

Slashdot has also picked up the story.

In a related vein, it looks like it's turning into an uncomfortable PR day for Oracle: they may have succeeded in buying up MySQL's transactional backends, but MySQL has them beat when it comes to winning Golden Penguin Bowls.

Posted at 7:34 PM