October 4, 2010

PostgreSQL | Long time no post...

Whoops, looks like it's been the better part of three years since I last made a post on this blog. Life, etcetera, has got in the way for a while, and in the intervening period I've also moved countries - to Japan, where I've long wanted to live and work and which has a thriving PostgreSQL culture.

Luckily I was able to step into a job involving running PostgreSQL as the core of a multi-million dollar business, and while it's not always been plain sailing, PostgreSQL (even the clapped-out 7.4 version running a legacy app) has proved by far and away the most reliable part of the operation and I'm looking forward to implementing the replication features available in 9.0.

Meanwhile this blog, and several other sites on the same server, are now of course on 9.0 (and the supporting application has even played an ever so minor role finding a bug in a 9.0 beta). Once again, my thanks to everyone who puts in much more effort than myself for making PostgreSQL such a great product!

Posted at 11:10 PM

Heh! Good to know you're OK; I'm curious, though:

- What made you take the decision to move over there?
- How advanced is your japanese?
- How's it going with the culture change?

Posted by: RDL | 2010-10-05 03:31
Well to answer your questions all in one go: I've been involved with Japan since the early 1990s and have studied the language pretty intensively, so the adjustment to actually living here, which I'd always wanted to try for a longer period, has been pretty minimal. It has its up and down sides of course.
Posted by: Ian | 2010-10-05 06:02