February 12, 2013

PostgreSQL | JPUG meeting in Tokyo

This Saturday all the stars and planets were aligned correctly with the correct row of ducks and I finally made it to the Japan PostgreSQL Users Group's 25th "study meeting" (勉強会, details in Japanese) in Tokyo. I gather these meetings are held three or four times a year, and it seems that due to increased interest and attendance there'll be four meetings this year.

JPUG meeting, Tokyo (2013-02-09) 

This time there were around 30 attendees and three speakers:

Daichi Egawa / 江川大地 - NTT Data
"Using perf to analyze PostgreSQL performance"
Nakanishi Yoshinori / 中西剛紀 - TIS
"A high availability / functionality cluster using pgpool-II and streaming replication "
Fujii Masao / 藤井雅雄 - NTT Data
"How about trying pg_hint_plan?"

(titles of each talk are my own translation from the Japanese).

Each talk was very informative and I'd like to thank the respective speakers.

In case the subject of the third talk doesn't sound familiar, it's because pg_hint_plan is a relatively new development from NTT. Available for PostgreSQL versions 9.1 and 9.2, it adds functionality to provide hints to the PostgreSQL planner to cause it to use specified indexes and joins. pg_hint_plan can be downloaded here; documentation is currently available in Japanese only. Part of the presentation dealt with the PostgreSQL community stance on planner hints, a subject which is not entirely uncontroversial.

The meeting was followed by a more informal session in the basement of a nearby hostelry which was a good opportunity to get to know some fellow PostgreSQL users, among whom were several names familiar from the mailing lists.

Upcoming JPUG events / events with JPUG participation:

Feb 16: PostgreSQL "Unconference" @ Tokyo

Feb 22/23: Open Source Conference 2013 Tokyo/Spring

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