September 20, 2005

PostgreSQL | Database Competition

The current issue of the leading German computer magazine c't contains a special report on "free" databases, including the usual Open Source suspects. The article isn't anything to get excited about, although it does come with a CD with the current versions of Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite for the three major operating systems, along with a whole bundle of free SQL clients.

Of more interest to database advocates is the "database competition" announced in the same issue, which is being marketed as an unorthodox attempt to determine the "best" database platform: "It's not just about the usual benchmarks: as well as information about the behaviour of databases in realistic situations, the competition aims to provide data about middleware and server platforms". Competitors should create a web-application using the database and application platform of their choice (the web server must be Apache or IIS, the OS can be Linux or Windows; any third-party software can be used, so long as it can be made available at no cost to the organizers). The application is to be based on a reference "DVD store" implementation by Dell (see the article for more details, links below).

The competition is open to all and sundry, although c't is especially interested in entries from producers of database software and professional web platform developers.

Posted at 2:15 PM