October 12, 2018

Firebird Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) | firebird_fdw 0.5.0 released

firebird_fdw is now available as version 0.5.0.

This update provides following new features:

  • Firebird datatype BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT is now supported
  • Foreign table triggers are now supported.

This release requires Firebird API wrapper libfq version 0.3.0 (which has not been modified since the previous firebird_fdw release).

CentOS rpm packages are available via the Fedora Copr build system.

This release has been developed and tested with Firebird 2.5. It will work with Firebird 3.0, but does not yet take advantage of any new features; future releases will hopefully address this.

It is compatible with PostgreSQL versions 9.2 ~ 10, and should work with the upcoming version 11 release.

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