MySQL vs Oracle

This juxtaposition comes up from time to time and brings to mind the comparision of dolphins with nuclear-powered submarines.

While it is possible to train dolphins for use against maritime targets this is a task generally better suited to purpose-built ordnance. Dolphins are better at jumping through hoops in aquariums.

If you find your application works as equally well on Oracle as it does on MySQL, then you are vastly underutilising Oracle and probably paying for it as well.

If you are looking for Oracle-level capability but with the advantages of Open Source, take a look at Firebird or PostgreSQL. Neither are anywhere near Oracle's heavyweight status (which is not necessarily a disadvantage), but unless you have specific requirements, they probably have virtually all the features you will need.

My company is upgrading from My SQL to Oracle. I am a tech writer and in search of info on the procedure of upgrading from My SQL to Oracle. Could you please direct me to link that would give information on how to handle this upgrade in a the simplest format.
Posted by: Bessie Wright | 2007-02-07 17:18
We have a project to change our information system passing from old server to new server and from old Oracle version (7.3.4) to a new one (9.2). Now, my boss, ask to me to evaluate a change of technology passing from Oracle to MySQL. I'm scared only thinking about that but I'm obliged to justify my resistence. I don't know MySQL feature but we have a 20GB database with about 150 users and since 1998 works without problem. Any comment?
Thanks a lot, Massimo.
Posted by: Massimo Carozzo | 2007-02-14 11:00

what are facts in term of tecnology and architecture so we can made our own opinion on the difference btw mysql vs Oracle RDBMS?
I have just completed some simple tests against mysql (deadlock handling, isolation level, strategy access) and I was very very positive impressed by mysql beaviour.
For istance, in Oracle not whenever the oldest transaction is aborted on deadlock senario, using oracle index path aren't well used (but the user do not noticed because the large amount of memory), isolation serializable in Oracle... never see it (I guess because the developer are "record" oriented instead of "transaction" oriented).

To Massimo (him have ask) : Oracle do not have only Oracle ;-)

Posted by: Giovanni | 2007-05-04 22:58
Oracle database is a rough product mostly survived due to intermittent technology copying, aggressive marketing, monopoly, and hostile takeovers. More over it is a buggy substandard product.

Some how people associate Oracle with database the same way as Windows with desktop OS. Strangely it is not the best Database around, MySQL does give a tough competition for Website database in Linux platform. Microsoft SQL with ASP.net and IIS is the best combination on windows. IBM DB2 is the leader in very high volume database on Mainframe.

Still, MySQL comes close to best compared to its performance and price. I would consider MySQL over Oracle, even MS SQL is much better than Oracle.
Posted by: naga | 2007-06-30 22:05
in trascations point of view which database either oracle or mysql is more efficient?
Posted by: sirisha | 2007-08-28 12:14

may be more specific please?
Posted by: Giovanni | 2007-08-29 12:39

Just wanted to know under in which situation the Oracle and Mysql gets used?? we are using the Oracle for server related information and we are using the Mysql for the user data, and this user data can be of more in size, so can i conclude that Mysql is used for the place where you need to save more data??
if so what about Oacle, will it can;t give the same?

Kindly make me clear

Thanks in advance
Senthil K
Posted by: senthil | 2007-11-04 13:11