February 22, 2013

Firebird Blog | Installing Firebird on openSUSE 12.2

Some notes on getting Firebird 2.5 up and running on openSUSE.


Firebird 2.5 is can be installed easily from YaST2; I selected the SuperServer package.

Firebird is not started by default; service firebird start will take care of that.

Add Firebird as a system startup item ether via YaST > System > System Services (Runlevel), or via the command line (as root) with insserv firebird.

isql (command line client)

The isql client is installed as isql-fb.

The sample employee.fdb database is located in /usr/lib64/firebird/sample/.

Database creation and access

This is straightforward:

barwick@localhost:~$ isql-fb -u SYSDBA -p new-pass
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

Following successful database creation, you are automatically connected to that database.

See also Creating a database using isql.

Reonnect to the database with e.g.:

isql-fb -u SYSDBA -p new-pass test.fdb

With the default DatabaseAccess setting, there is no need to provide the full database path. For added convenience you can define an alias for the database (e.g. test instead of test.fdb) in /etc/firebird/aliases.conf.

Installing DBD-Firbird

The Perl DBI driver for Firebird is not available as an openSUSE package. If installing from source, see this post.

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