PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 7th 2004

After much conversation and debate, the core team decided to release PostgreSQL 8.0.0 RC1 this past week, putting us into the final crunch time of the 8.0 development cycle. The current plan is to make final release around December 15th if everything goes well. All port reports, translations, and last minute documentation improvements should be submitted ASAP. (Current port reports can be found at http://developer.postgresql.org/docs/postgres/supported-platforms.html) There will be at least one more RC package before final release, so keep an eye for it as things will move pretty quickly at this stage.

So what fixes should we be looking for in the latest package? The readline/libedit selection code was adjusted to more reliably prefer readline over libedit. The planner was changed to make use of the current true disk size rather than the values in pg_class in a number of scenarios. This removes a number of backend workarounds and should produce more reliable query plans. Libpq will now build on MS Visual Studio .Net 2003 on Windows XP. VACUUM FULL FREEZE support was disabled due to potential errors that could result in it's use. This will probably be fixed in a later release, but due to the late stage of the beta, the work around of using VACUUM FULL and VACUUM FREEZE sequentially was deemed acceptable. Lastly, an issue with internal snapshots for deferred triggers were was fixed.

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(Note: Looks like everyone's calendar has been cleared for next year, so this week we bring you a couple of training sessions to be looking for in the new year)

PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 7th 2004

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